venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Bruno Munari, Abitacolo (1971)

Abitacolo Two meters high
It's made of steel with an epoxy skin
It's a structure reduced to the essentials
A space delimited and yet open
Adaptable to one or two people
It can even hold twenty
Although this is not recommended because
of the difficulty of moving
It weights fifty-one kilos
It's two meters wide by eighty centimeters
It's a large object that casts no shadow
It's an inhabitable module
It's a habitat
It contains all personal things
It's a container of microcosms
It's a placenta of plastic-coated steel
A place to meditate
And at the same time
A place for listening to music that you like
A place to read and study
A place to receive visitors
A place to sleep
A lair, light and transparent
Or closed
A space hidden in the midst of people
A real space
your presence renders furnishings superfluous
Dust doesn't know where to settle
It's the minimum but gives the maximum
Numbered but unlimited
Habitat is the environment
Adaptable to the personality of the inhabitant
At every moment transformable
-Bruno Munari, Codice ovvio (1971)

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