venerdì 4 febbraio 2011

Ecco qui il video di Ganahl sulla Dinghi "I wanna be chinese".

Il logo di Ganahl "Use a bike"

Perpetual Motion Food - This miraculous food was invented by Alfred Jarry to promote bicycling, love making and other wonderful imaginary solutions. Marcel Duchamp promoted it througout the 20th century. Recently, Pfizer and otheres have been producing generics.

The recipe for PERPETUAL MOTION FOOD can be found in Alfred Jarry's novel Supermale ((Le surmale (fr.), Supermann (dt)) written in 1903.
It allowed a quintuplet (5 bicyclists on one bike) to win the Ten Thousand Miles Race against a train on the route Vladivodstock to Paris in 1925.
It also allowed other wonders and offers you myriads of IMAGINARY SOLUTIONS THAT WORK WONDERS AND MOVE STONES - rolling stones..

In order to revive PERPETUAL MOTION FOOD, I'm sponsoring the German bicycle duo: Holm and Julia bicycling from Stuttgart Germany to New Zealand: a many months long trip, longer then hte 10.000 Miles race, Alfred Jarry was writing of in 1903.

more to come soon with ALFRED

this advertisement is brought to you by Rainer Ganahl -

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