mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Il suv, l'automobile dei coglioni: ulteriore conferma


Succede a Boston. Due suv danneggiati, una bici distrutta e un ciclista salvo per un pelo. 

A witness identifying himself only as Jerry, saying he feared for his life, says the driver of a sport utility vehicle jumped from his car and smashed the windows of the SUV directly in front of him while both vehicles were stopped for a light at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Essex Street. He says the driver of the first vehicle at the light panicked, hit the gas, and ran over a bicycle in front of him as the cyclist managed to leap to safety.  The cyclist, Stephen Lee (CAS’10), says he feels lucky to be alive. He was so frightened, he says, that he doesn’t remember jumping from his bike.  Casey Graves
(CAS’12) says the driver of the first SUV at the intersection honked repeatedly at a bicyclist, apparently hoping he would make room for an escape from the irate driver of the other vehicle. Graves says the two drivers smashed each other’s windows and threatened each other, one wielding a baseball bat and one an iron bar, until Boston Police arrived on the scene to end the altercation.

I conducenti dei suv sono stati arrestati.

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